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Pemagran at Mostra Beach & Country 2020

Pemagran at Mostra Beach & Country 2020

Rogerio Perez’s choice to sculpt a beautiful countertop at the Mostra Beach & Country 2020

A Pemagran exclusive, Sauipe is an exotic Quartzite, which promotes refinement and personality to any room.

The Sauipe stone most extraordinary feature is that, even though it is the same material, we always find one piece different from each other.

That means that each extracted block has its own exclusive pattern, varying from a bigger amount of green Quartzite and white crystals to brown veins.

Besides it is unique in its designs, movement and pattern.

It is very much recommended for kitchens and outdoor areas.

It can be used on floors, walls, countertops and even in furniture.

The Sauipe Quartzite is a gift from nature to your project.

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